Monday, August 22, 2011

this is LIFE~!

its quite busy nowadays.. PRACTICE\ REVISION\ CLASS TEST \ TRIALSSSSSSSsssssss

past years papers queuing up ,waiting for me to tender them with care.. DUH.! they are torturing T……T

chinese literature.. another mind cracking subject ~>       why did i take that "MYSTERious" subject?
ohhhh YEAAAAAH! cuz the teacher told us it was easy to score! but in year 2010 i don't think there's a number of student who scored A+ in spm for CHINESE LIT! 
WHY!!!!! plsss tell me why do i have to take another subject which sound IMPOSSIBLE to score?
there's a saying " NOTHING'S IMPOSSIBLE" but in malaysia, YEAP! THERE IS!!!!! don't deny it!

Having serious problem dealing with my hair. It just drop off sooo easily as if its not attached to the spores on my sculp...  

Celebrated jing yi's bday yesterday. =)   not a special but a fond memory to be kept for now and always~

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asy faro said...

hai ming! lets celebrate hari raya together!! hahaha

salam kenal dari saya, asy faro.
visit my blog at your free ok!hehe